Best vest your budget can afford and upgrade

Bodyguard Training Bodyguard Training PMV Security takes pride in bodyguard training providing an elite training program ensuring personnel perform up to the highest level of performance. But it is beneficial to our executive protection operations as well.

And it doesn’t play a role where on Earth you go, because it will fulfill its responsibilities no matter what. Additionally, if you are out hunting or fishing, there’s a chance you could run into black or even brown bears. It doesn’t look like a pleasant situation for either you or the person you are protecting. So, to be two steps ahead of any bears or four-legged beasts, just get CAPSS3, and you’re good to go. Besides the obvious benefits, this system can even scare off rascals as it emits audio alarms. The last thing you need is your battery running out in the middle of an incident involving clients.

A concise technical report of our findings, along with practical advice on how to further protect and defend your location from ‘eavesdropping’. We pride ourselves in providing the top class personnel with the best equipment available to conduct TSCM surveys to the highest possible standards. We utilise the very latest in electronic counter-surveillance equipment and are capable of locating sophisticated ’21st century’ audio / video / GPS devices. Our security team equipment is the same used by both British and foreign Governments; along with many police services and military forces around the world. We provide a structured and systematic physical search; along with a specialist electronic examination of a designated area to discover both active and passive electronic eavesdropping devices. Objectives To provide a review and summary of current evidence on protective effects of PPE and applicable standards, and to identify the knowledge gaps…

Typically the slimmer the profile and lighter the weight the more expensive the vest will be. Understand your vests rating capabilities – Level 1 through Level 3. Most vests will provide minimal assistance against a knife slash, but almost no assistance against a stab or puncture. There are some very good high tech vests which are stab resistant however they are priced accordingly. Buy the best vest your budget can afford and upgrade as soon as practically possible.

I work in the Fast Food business and was looking for some things to carry with me for security and protective purposes. Just for future reference I was trying to find something for my key chain and my pocket. A mini-first aid kit is perfect for security guards to have, not only for themselves, but for the people in and around the location that they are assigned to. A security guard should definitely look into being equipped with pepper spray because it is one of the best ways to temporarily repress an attacker or unlawful individual, without actually causing any permanent damage to that individual.A heavy-duty flashlight will help security guards keep a strict check around properties at all times of the day. Not only can it serve as a vision booster at night, but it serves as a useful self-defense tool. Communications – in some cases a two way radio is a great communication tool in other cases a cell phone with a good Bluetooth ear piece is a better low profile communication option. As the public is use to seeing professionals chatting on their cell phones. Make sure if your cell phone or your PDA is your primary communication tool, make sure your cellular provider is as good as the rest of your equipment.