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Combination of comfort and simplicity

It will take approximately 10–14 days for you to receive your permit. Every part of this portable toilet is made of high density PE in precise molded process, which leads to its great solidity and durability. This one-piece toilet designed with the highest quality material. The sharply modern and contemporary form of it is sure to provide the most comfort in any powder-room. This miniature toilet is designed to be installed in a powder room or in an additional bathroom where space is limited, but not recommended in your main bathroom. Seat and Wax rings are included to facilitate installation and use.

Coming in at just a little more than some of the bucket toilets , this Camco  Portable Toilet is a smart choice. It’s got a waste tank that comes in two different sizes as well as a freshwater tank for flushing. Spivey has the largest selection of portable toilets in Eastern Virginia. We can meet or exceed your expectations with our committment to quality products and service. Since 1969, Spivey has worked with both the public and private sectors to provide sanitation solutions for our clients. We have the inventory of products to meet your portable sanitation needs.

This one is a really nice combination of comfort and simplicity. We have White Wedding Units for your special day or special event in addition to the standard blue porta potty you see at the ball diamond, the state fair, job sites, or your local summer festival. One thing to keep in mind when shopping for a portable toilet is the tank capacity, which can range from 1 to 9 gallons. The larger the tank, the less frequently the toilet will have to be emptied.

CALLAHEAD vehicles are just a part of what makes us the only perfectionist portable sanitation company in all of New York. CALLAHEAD has the largest variety of portable toilets including more one-of-a-kind units you won’t see anywhere else. We made a commitment to the portable sanitation industry to develop and evolve the industry, as we have continuously done since 1976. A portable toilet can offer sanitation and privacy for any work site or outdoor event.

Yes, technically you can get each of the individual items by themselves , but it’s nice to have a portable bathroom system that works and packs together. Folding camping toilets are a good choice if you’re short on space or will only use it every once in a blue moon. When it’s time to go, just open up the legs, attach a bag, and you’ve got a place to sit.

Our combination allows you to save money by not needing to rent the units individually. This 5-gallon bucket features a seat with a lid attachment that fastens tightly onto the bucket’s rim. So, you won’t have to worry about the seat not staying in place. Submit a completed application for a portable toilet permit along with the appropriate fee.

If you are renting portable bathrooms only to add to your current restroom facilities, then portable toilets should be fine. All you really have to worry about is renting enough of them to keep the lines down. CALLAHEAD has the largest variety of uniquely styled portable toilets that will give your long-term rental or short-term special event distinction and exemplify your drive for excellence.