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Cut out paper squares in the same sizes as your frames and place them together on the floor. Stand on a chair to get a better perspective of what works best. Move the squares around until you get a result that sparks joy. York Wallcoverings Pattern is the perfect wall cover to change the look of your room. Choose this wallpaper to decorate your kitchen, bedroom or bathroom. Coordinates with other wallpaper borders designs allowing …

Rory regularly writes about trends for both the online and print versions of Livingetc. He is one of the very few people we turn to because he always has a finger on the pulse of what is happening. As a stylist and interior designer, he creates rooms for clients, meaning he has first-hand knowledge of what people are asking for, what moods people are after, and what trends are bubbling up.

This stylish finish comes with many practical benefits, too; it’s durable, requires little upkeep and offers an impressive service life of 150 plus years. The 642 Visier Lamp, made out of aluminum and painted in a cool white hue, is a perfect example of this interior design trend. It is arguably not just a lamp, but a piece of sculpture too. Looking a little like it’s coming in to land (clear a space on that sideboard!), we reckon this is futuristic investment piece will stand the test of time.

And there’s no need to miss a mere moment of warmth as bathroom trends join the season’s open-air lifestyle. P Hart’s Luminous Tiles are happy on walls inside and out, weather resistant and durable to suit the most inclement of summers. Their au-natural palette harmonizes with backyard materials and colors, while their high-gloss finish accentuates every sunbeam.

You can go for the home deco option and see for yourself how you can easily give your house the boost it needs. You can start off with the DIY decorating projects from repurposed products or even the “how to create a brand-new look from things you already own” look. Rory’s foray with the editorial world started a decade ago at Livingetc magazine, a title which he regularly contributes to today. Specializing with a deep-seated appreciation for historical homes and interiors, Rory often travels far and wide to be inspired by unique properties with a fascinating histories. Italian fashion house Dolce & Gabbana has been setting the style agenda for years. Cherry prints, gothic lace, and now blue and white good time vibes.

Paint can bring color in blocks, but wallpaper can bring rich colors along with pattern and texture too. However, in 2022, wallpaper borders have taken another leap forwards. A wallpaper border can provide interesting and unique accents for your wall decor.

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Let’s be honest, there never was much of an allure attached to the shelf tagged ‘USB lamp’ at the gadget store. “”Harking back to Roman times, arches feel very contemporary all of a sudden,”” says Livingetc editor Pip Rich. “”I’m excited to use our Livingetc tiles from Bert and May in my own bathroom renovation in 2022, as they add a grandeur while remaining friendly at the same time. You can’t help but relax in a space with curved edges.”” There’s a magical new material trend on the horizon and it’s awash with galaxy inspired finishes. Dark blue, veined with white and pale blue streaks is popping up everywhere, from this vanity unit, above, to luxury table tops. Defying anyone not to leap out of their beds in the morning Marazzi’s show stopping vanity unit created in a ‘Sodalite Blu’ hue is a feat of engineering.

All home decor items in our stock have the most competitive price on the market. Customer satisfaction is our top priority here at DreamWallDecor. That’s the joy of this heavily decorative approach to bathroom tile trends – you can bring a touch of it home. Referencing the antique tiles of Southern Spain, seek out the patina and colors that reflecting those of original reclaimed tiles.

We are Dream Wall Décor, and our aim is to provide the best wallpaper border designs, wall ornaments, crown moldings, decorative corbels, ceiling medallions, and more to our customers. We have a lot of variety in our designs – from floral patterns to vintage designs to contemporary. Our top priority is customer satisfaction and we aim to create rooms that work specifically for your needs. Everyone deserves a bedroom, living room, or any other room that looks exactly like how they wish without having to pay extra for it and we are here to give you just that. The fun in wallpaper borders is that you can go as bold or as subtle as you choose.