Outdoor Fountains

Add multiple units for a gorgeous water feature, or keep it simple with one. Installing a fountain creates a focal point for your pond, adds the calming sound of moving water and oxygenates the pond helping to maintain water clarity. These fountains are great for golf courses, resorts, large ponds or as their own display feature. Fountains function as a beautiful focal point, while creating a healthy pond ecosystem by aerating the water. Add lights to the water feature to enjoy it all hours of the day. water feature for garden are a great addition to your garden without the need for a pond and with a solar water feature or rechargeable battery no mains power is required.

As seen on Hometalk, this spring-inspired water feature will add tons of curb appeal to your home. Clocking in only 15 minutes of prep time, this DIY flower pot fountain project is too good to pass up for your own backyard. Add graceful lines to your backyard with a gentle stream and walkway. The wooden footpath mimics the curve of the water’s edge to soften the look of the backyard oasis. Create visual interest with a mixture of foliage and flowers such as water lilies. This pond with a covered outdoor seating area beside it provides a peaceful, welcoming vignette.

Discover fascinating water feature styles in our collection, includingponds,streamsandwaterfallsand invite a relaxing atmosphere to any space. We also havebird baths,spheresandtabletop water featuresif you’re after something smaller. The Allure Falls is a garden water feature with a rock-stone design.

This fountain’s an indoor/outdoor piece that has two lovable, clumsily-climbing bears illuminated by LED lights. There are LED lights at the top of the piece to provide an added touch of ambiance, and it is powered by electrical cord. Today, we’ll share some basic information on installing your own garden fountain, and introduce our reviews of some of the best options available from a variety of sources. Few elements in any garden manage to elicit the same reaction as a well-placed water feature. It conjures calm and can tie together an entire landscape. This bamboo fountain can add little bit of zen to your backyard or porch.

A stream will add a very dynamic element to a garden, as it suggests a source and, in our imagination, gives the impression that it flows on to some distant destination such as a lake or river. It also can introduce a connecting thread through the garden. And by crossing it more than once with bridges or steppingstones, and by introducing clever paths and planting, it can even make your garden appear far bigger and more diverse than it really is. To create the illusion that the steppingstones are floating on the water, as seen here, treat their supports and also the inner sides of the pool with a black mastic. This will create the perfect reflection as you cannot see into the pool’s inner depths.

It stands out as the epitome of fountain design, and also requires extensive installation. Looking like nothing more than a pile of stones, it boasts a discrete and wonderful setup with a hidden basin that catches the water and requires little maintenance. You guessed it, these guys are intended to be placed on a wall. They’re an ideal choice if space is limited but you still want a water feature in your yard. Fountains are also easier to maintain than many other water features, and are relatively painless to install.

Therefore, we ensure that every artwork we deliver should be one of its own kinds. The impeccable beauty of these fountains is combined with utility due to its special durability feature. The Mirage Falls water feature is one of our most stunning designs ever crafted that embraces elegance and simplicity. The beautiful Solar Powered Ivory 3-Tier Water Fountain will add a depth of character to your garden.